Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind

"What is this garbage?" I thought to myself. Fully supporting the idea that we not let any food go to waste, I was still rather disturbed upon encountering the jar labeled "sweet pickled watermelon rinds." Watermelon rinds, as far as I knew, are completely unpalatable and no amount of soaking in vinegar and corn syrup could change that.

sweet pickled watermelon rind jar

Watermelons are well known for being low calorie and high in fiber so I was further shocked upon reading the nutritional facts of my strange new purchase and finding out that just two cubes pack a whopping 70 calories and 12 grams of sugar. With nine servings in the bottle, this is one jar of "fruit" you don't want to finish off in one sitting... or ten.

The disgust only intensified as I brought the embalmed rind to my lips but quickly dissipated once the taste signals hit my brain. Not bad... certainly not good but not bad either. These things should really be in the candy aisle as they taste like a super sweet but slightly tangy gummy treat. Rendered soft and gelatinous by the pickling process, the texture of the sweet pickled watermelon rind resembles that of boiled broccoli stalks soaked in syrup (sorry, I thought long and hard about this one and couldn't come up with anything better).

sweet pickled watermelon rind

It's strange food items like this that inspired me to write this blog for you, my audience of zero (hey, even I don't read this babble) and I'm happy to have found and tried this abomination of food processing. And even though the experience was positive and the taste strangely appealing, I'm still left wondering: who on Earth eats this crap?

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