Friday, May 9, 2008


A coworker of mine went on a boar hunting trip and gave some of the flesh to another coworker of mine so that she could make a filipino caramelized pork dish with it. I was fortunate enough to receive a couple pieces but because of the caramelized sauce I can't really comment on the full flavor of the meat.

I let the pieces sit in my mouth a while so that most of the sauce came off and I was able to taste the flesh itself a bit better. As is typical with wild meat, the boar was far leaner than a factory farmed pig and didn't have the unsettling greasiness of pork. Also like most game meat, the boar had a bold flavor that could be described as gamey.

I'd love to try boar again without the sauce as it seems to be a tastier and leaner alternative to pork (the inherent greasiness of which usually puts me off). I guess I'll just have to convince my coworker to slice me off a bit the next time he goes hunting.

boar flesh

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