Friday, May 30, 2008

Snickers Charged

Everybody is jumping on the hyper-caffeinated bandwagon. You've got endless varieties of "energy" drinks (more aptly called stimulant drinks in England), pills, powders, mints, jelly beans, and now candy bars. The cafe in my office building sells little caffeinated "chocolate" chews (I doubt there's any cacao present at all) that taste like one of those Tootsie Rolls with the cream filling except in this case the cream filling is a crushed up aspirin. The result is a horrid combination of a sugary sweet and a disgusting bitter aftertaste.

Snickers Charged, the caffeine infused version of the best selling chocolate bar of all time, suffers the same fate. It tastes just like a regular Snickers (which are not that nice in the first place) sprinkled with a crushed up caffeine pill. Because the Snickers is much larger than the little chew I had, the caffeine's bitterness is better masked but lingers longer than the other flavor components of the bar.

These things are labeled "Limited Edition" meaning Mars knew they were horrible enough to never catch on and most would be purchased by idiots like myself. The upside of its inevitable unpopularity is that you can probably find them on clearance. I love caffeine and routinely abuse the stuff but I think I'll stick with the delicious brews that contain it naturally.

snickers charged

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